A Beautiful Day at the Bray

I am currently at the Archie Bray Foundation in Helena, MT for the month of June as one the resident artists in a group called The Edge in celebration of the Bray’s 60th anniversary. I arrived at the Bray with two plans of action, to assembly a MakerBot to continue my investigation of printing porcelain (YouTube), via an extrusion process, and to begin a body of work that specifically deals with design, function, and clay. The MakerBot is assembled and ready to go as soon as a couple of replacement boards arrive early next week. I began this research last fall with good success, which I hope to build on. I also began to investigate forms today, though nothing specifically in mind really just focused play to get the process primed.

It was also a beautiful Saturday with friends new and old, followed by an early evening rain and an amazing rainbow.