platform landscape series

place / location / locale

This series of work deals with the transient nature of life, transient both in terms of one’s locale and, also, one’s existence. In many ways, this work serves as iconic imagery, memories of places visited or inhabited, and dreams of locations yet to be realized. While technology continues to reduce the necessity of place, it calls to question the ability to locate oneself or, more appropriately, how to locate oneself, despite the availability of technology such as global positioning satellites (GPS) and Google Earth, which offer the ability to plot locale, globally, within a matter of feet.

Despite the conceptual drive for this work, the objects, themselves, remain decidedly domestic. I have made this decision upon the belief that it is through my domestic landscape, the banal existence of the familiar, that I locate myself, physically.

A great deal of this orientation is defined through the corporeal nature of the body and the tactility of materials, the ability to feel, manipulate, and respond, in a physical means, to matter. It is this sensibility to exploring and discovering, the inhibition of a child, that informs the choice of color, color that is playful and stimulating, and, at the same time, functioning as an identifier, similar to how color functions on a map or diagram.

Schematic Landscape, 2007

Schematic Landscape, 2007

Floral landscape with trees, 2007

Floral landscape with trees, 2007

Platform Landscape Series (picnic area), 2007

Platform Landscape Series (rocket, tower, tree), 2006

Platform Landscape Series (mountain, boat, tent, windmills), 2006

Platform Landscape Series (tree, bridge, tower), 2006

Platform Landscape Series (sign, fence, windmills), 2006

Platform Landscape Series (single, green tree), 2006